Water Management

At Villa Park Landscape, we offer a full spectrum of sustainable landscape management services through highly-trained professionals – most of whom have been with us for well over a decade. Our skilled irrigation technicians know how crucial proper watering is to the health of your plants and your bottom line. More importantly, they know how to maximize both.

Our water management specialists are experienced in state-of-the-art irrigation satellite systems and other methods that optimize your water usage, help preserve the environment, and meet the unique needs of your property.

This means we keep your landscape looking beautiful year round, without exceeding your water allocation or monthly budget.

The key to our superior water management is training, experience, and a commitment to serving you. At Villa Park Landscape, water management is conducted only by technicians who are experts at what they do and who thoroughly and regularly monitor your irrigation system. We work closely with clients and California water districts to resolve water-related problems before they arise. This ensures early detection of a system compromise or the need to reprogram or adjust watering cycles.

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At Villa Park, our knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellence make it easy to optimize water usage everyday, to protect your landscape investment and keep plants healthy and beautiful.