Commercial Landscaping

Our Mission

Villa Park Landscape is committed to providing superior landscape solutions and custom maintenance programs for businesses and communities throughout Southern California. Our team of experienced professionals and strong internal management enable us to provide commercial landscaping services at a level of excellence unsurpassed in our industry.

At Villa Park Landscape, we do everything with excellence, sustainability, and aesthetics in mind. Never is this more evident than with our landscape design and maintenance programs. Whether starting from scratch or improving upon an existing landscape design, we provide top-quality solutions that not only beautify your surroundings, but are sustainable as well.

Our in-house landscape designer works closely with you and a team of Villa Park design specialists to create the look you want in a way that is attractive, eco-friendly, and uniquely flattering to your property. This ensures beautiful landscapes based on environmentally sound designs – meaning gorgeous sustainable plant combinations that not only look good, but are easy to maintain, thrive continuously, and keep you well within your budget.

We’re known for creating attractive plant designs that enhance the unique characteristics of your property and flourish in your environment. As committed experts in our field, we’re on top of the latest in “smart” irrigation and ways of integrating it with your design.

No matter what the type, variety, or arrangement, all your plants get a healthy start and keep on thriving. Let us come up with a palette of plant types, textures, and colors that will excite you and exceed all of your expectations.

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