Top-quality maintenance is not just about your landscape looking beautiful – it’s about protecting your investment.

At Villa Park Landscape, we believe commercial landscape maintenance is about taking an active approach, not a reactive one.

Meaning we regularly monitor your landscape, and our supervisors stay in constant communication so that we always know what’s going on with your property, and can act quickly to resolve any issue.

Villa Park is among the top HOA property management companies in Orange County. Maximizing the beauty of your community or commercial project is our top priority. Our maintenance services include turf and ornamental maintenance, tree care, integrated weed and pest management, and seasonal color design with only professional quality installation. We also track water usage to make sure you’re within the district guidelines to avoid waste and potential penalties.

Villa Park Landscape is dedicated to keeping your lawns, trees, and plant beds healthy and well-manicured. Leave it to us to protect your landscape investment and maximize your property’s curb appeal.

With Villa Park Landscape, we make having a beautiful, eco-friendly, and affordable landscaping easy. Plus, our field locations minimize drive time and enable staff to be close at hand on service days and for 24/7 emergency calls.