As Board President of a 284 unit condominium association in Irvine, I could not be happier, more satisfied or more grateful with our 27 year partnership with Villa Park Landscape. The entire team has been consistently amazing. I strongly encourage any Board that is less than satisfied with the state of their landscape to reach out to Villa Park.

One of the areas that can best increase collective property value is a lush and beautiful landscape. The Brio association has that, thanks to Villa Park Landscape. Most recently, Villa Park significantly upgraded the pool area landscape as well as the perimeter area just outside of the pool. Our entry ways were completely renovated in a way that really is beautiful and makes a statement for anyone entering our community. This is a wow sensory experience.

Our landscape throughout our community is pristine. Our community is considered the model for all the Paseo Westpark communities. Villa Landscape has threaded the delicate needle of making our entire landscape gorgeous while working within the budget parameters for our association. We are grateful for that.

The Villa Landscape team listens to the landscape committee. They are collaborative. Based on our vision, they provide us multiple options and explain the pros and cons of each. We know Villa Park can be relied upon to do what they commit to doing, completing projects in a timely manner and they consistently provide a rapid response whenever we have a question or need some type of work completed.

The team they have working at our community on a daily basis are absolutely the best. They work hard for our association and they take pride in the work they do.

I encourage you to consider transitioning to the terrific team at Villa Park Landscape. Please feel free to contact me at betterbrio@gmail.com or by phone at 949-439-8777 if you wish to discuss or would like me to show you the wonderful things Villa Park has done for us. It would be my pleasure.

Sandy K.
Board President, Brio

I believe I am Villa Park’s oldest customer, having employed them the entire time of their existence. All I can say is I made a wonderful decision to have them maintain my landscape and have never looked back. Over the years, that has included about 24 apartment communities and about 10 condominium communities. Especially in Costa Mesa, having Villa Park on site each week has been very important to our residents and perspective residents. Their foremen, workers and office staff hardly ever need any direction or supervision as they just do the job efficiently and expertly and move on. When I request extra work or planting, it is completed quickly and efficiently. In summary, I couldn’t think of a more qualified, experienced, and customer-oriented landscape maintenance contractor in the business than Villa Park Landscape.

John K.
The Konwiser Corporation, The Daisy Apartments

Our HOA has worked with Villa Park for 12 years now. They have worked closely with our Landscape Committee trying to find solutions that work for our community. We have appreciated Villa Park’s attention with communication. The association board has been pleased with the professional service and individual care we have received.

Kelly B.
Board Member, Monticello Irvine Community Association

I have known and worked with Javier Reyes and Villa Park Services for 27 years. Javier and his team are reliable and dependable, and take great care to ensure that they are meeting their clients’ expectations. As companies and communities grow with age, Villa Park has proven to work with the management company and the boards to ensure that they are working as a team to meet the goals of the growth and age of the communities. Javier Reyes is an owner with great integrity. He has a hands-on approach and is committed to ensuring that his clients’ needs are being met.

Sandy H., PCAM, CCAM
Principal / COO, Crummack Huseby Property Management

Villa Park has listened and educated our landscape committee, neighbors and ultimately our HOA board on best landscape practices and needed changes. They are current on both city and vector control issues and recommendations. Their maintenance crew are a dream! Personable, patient and kind are only a few adjectives that come to mind. They conduct monthly to bimonthly walk throughs to identify concerns their maintenance crew have found, repaired, replaced, as well as listen to homeowner concerns about maintenance and plant replacements.

Working with a limited budget, numerous ideas and expectations, Villa Park patiently worked with us on plant choices, care, and maintenance practices. They even did additional walkthroughs to answer our questions and brainstorm alternatives. Our entire project was completed within a 2week period! Once again, patience, creativity and respect were shown time and time again.

Villa Park has proven to be one of the most exceptional landscape companies I have had an opportunity to work with in quite a while. I look forward to many years of working with their company and teams.

Marsha S.
Landscape Committee member, Newport Ridge Vista Homeowners Association

I have had the pleasure to work with Villa Park Landscape for over 3 years in the large master-planned community that I manage and they are an amazing company to work with! Villa Park Landscape takes pride in the work that they do and they go above and beyond in so many ways. I know that I can always count on them for any landscaping need that comes up. They are dependable, attentive, responsive and every member of their staff is friendly and professional. Villa Park views the relationship they have with their clients as a partnership, which is so important and something that really makes them stand out as a company.

Holly C.
First Service Residential, Quail Hill Master Association

Villa Park has played a vital role here at Portola Springs. As a community currently under development, they have been a trustworthy partner in the turnover of our landscape areas from the developer to the Association. Their team is always quick to respond to work order submissions, providing updates and closing the loop. They deliver consistently exceptional service in maintaining the aesthetics of the community, which positively impacts the sale of our new homes.

Ellis C.
Keystone, Portola Springs Community Association